Outstanding features of mobile concrete batch plant

After the development and technical improvements, the performance of mobile concrete batch plant has become mature. Mobile concrete batching plant has the advantages of flexibility and easy to transfer, it is ideal for roads, bridges and other construction projects. To mobile type concrete batching plant, it takes small footprint and the entire facility does not need to do foundation treatment, which can save much investment costs, in order to meet the requirements of efficiency, functionality and compactness, the mobile batching plant is fully pre-connected at the factory, reducing the time to install and commission.

mobile concrete batch plant

Mobile concrete batching plant has biggest difference with stationary concrete batching plant is that it has a host chassis, the host chassis contains trailer towing pins and parking legs, the concrete mixer, metering of cement, water and admixture are placed on the chassis. The control room with automatic control system is at the bottom of the host chassis, it worked as the front support point of the whole plant when working, when transported away, the control room stored within the holder. The control room and mixing plant main body are connect together, the control cabinet and other equipment are commissioned completed before leaving the factory, all of its control lines without disassembly. Peripheral components are mainly cement silos and screw conveyors, which are integral components for work or transport, without the need to disassemble. Gas system and the main structure are connect tightly without disassembly, so the structure can transport, disassembly overall. Therefore, the mobile concrete batch plant can be said that the most cost-effective type in the small and medium-sized concrete batching plant.

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