Overview of mobile concrete mixing plant structure design

Mobile concrete batching plants are usually used in small construction sites or often relocated projects, they have advantages of mobile convenience, fully automated, small footprint and others. And the choice of pin connection makes open easily, conducive to the transformation or relocation of mobile concrete batching plant. And the using period of a qualified mobile concrete batching plant can reach several decades, so during this long period it need to move to other projects, so more and more engineering select mobile concrete batching plant than stationary type. While the perfect structure design is the basic of so many advantages, now it’s really a pleasure of us to have an overview of the design of mobile concrete batching plant with my friends.

The structure design of a mobile concrete batching plant is divided into the discharging layer, mixing layer, ingredients weighing layer three parts. Discharge layer, mainly choose cylindrical legs with simple design and reasonable planning. The mixing layer is mainly composed of elevated structure, double variable cross-section I-shaped main beam, the weight is heavier, the steel and the shock absorption is better than the ordinary structure, the mixing layer and the discharging layer constitute the steel body, and is integrated with the foundation, useful weakened the vibration from the stirring host. The rectangular legs is alternative, which is not only concise structure, but also supply wide space. Mobile concrete batching plant ingredients weighing layer consist of powder weighing bucket and water weighing bucket, liquid admixture weighing bucket and aggregate prefabricated bucket. Powder weighing bucket exit selection of automatic control of the pneumatic butterfly valve, select soft coupling and fully enclosed. Admixture weighing bucket set above the water metering bucket, the exit choose stainless steel ball valve for discharge. The three sections are designed on a removable trailer unit and can be relocated by trailer.

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