Automatic mobile concrete batching plant for sale

Automatic mobile concrete batching plant for sale is suitable for small and medium-sized projects with capacity of 25-75m3/h. The material yard of mobile concrete batching plant is closed and equipped with a dust collection system to achieve zero discharge of waste water, waste and waste slurry. In Haomei, the models of mobile batching plants are YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS60, YHZS75. The detailed configuration can be customized according to the requirements, and the price is also different.

mobile concrete batching plant for sale

The automatic control system is adopt in mobile concrete batching plant, namely sand and gravel aggregate, weighing, conveying, stirring and unloading are all automatic operation, no manual intervention is required. The mobile concrete batching plant automatic system has the features of simple operation, high automation degree, and the integrated monitoring and remote operation can be integrated. Although the investment cost in the early stage is relatively high, the manpower is saved, and it is the preferred operating system for engineering projects.

The premise and basis for the use of mobile concrete batching plant for sale is daily maintenance. When the mobile concrete batch plant is used in a long-term different environment, the mechanical components wear, the gap increases, and the matching changes directly affect the original balance of the equipment. The stability, reliability and efficiency of the equipment will be reduced to a considerable extent. It may even cause the mobile concrete mixing plant to lose its inherent basic performance and fail to operate properly. In this way, the mobile concrete batching plant will be overhauled or replaced with new equipment, which will undoubtedly increase the cost. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a scientific and effective equipment management mechanism, increase the daily management of equipment, combine theory with practice, and scientifically and rationally formulate equipment maintenance plans.

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