Feature list of mobile concrete batching plant

The mobile concrete batching plant is a product that adapts to the needs of the social market and continuously innovates design concept. It provides great convenience for concrete construction units that need to transfer production in a short period of time. The portable concrete batching plant has the advantages of high mechanization and low labor intensity, which not only ensures the quality of the concrete, but also improves the production efficiency. The mobile concrete mixing plant has compact structure, small volume, high assembly degree, convenient installation and small workload. Due to the pin-shaft connection, the disassembly is convenient, which is beneficial to the transformation and relocation of the concrete batching plant.

mobile concrete batching plant
The features and advantages of the mobile concrete batching plant are:
1. Flexible movement and easy assembly and disassembly
Since the mobile concrete mixing plant structure is simpler than the stationary concrete batching plant, the mobile mixing station is more flexible to move and easier to assemble and disassemble;
2. The transition is convenient and quick
The main equipment of the mobile concrete batch plant adopts the chassis structure design of the trailer, and the batching machine, the conveyor, the mixer, the control room, the weighing system and the additive system are all integrated, and have features as quick seating.
3. The mixing effect is good
The concrete mixer used in the mobile concrete mix plant is the JS twin-shaft forced concrete mixer, which has the advantages of good mixing quality and fast speed, and the quality of the mixing machine is good and durable.
4. Fast installation
The mobile batching plant is highly assembled, all components are manufactured in the factory and assembled on the construction site. The high-strength bolts with a 70% reduction in the overall station structure make installation quick and easy, and the workload is small.

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