Mobile concrete mixer truck working conditions

Mobile concrete mixer truck is the vehicle to transport and mixing the produced concrete, the construction site and the concrete batching plant may be a few kilometers far, to keep the concrete from freezing, the concrete mixer truck need stirring during the transportation, before transportation, the concrete should be charged in the mixer tank, after the transportation, the concrete should be poured out. Thus there are various working conditions of the concrete mixer truck, here the working conditions will be introduced in detail for you.

mobile concrete mixer truck

1, Feeding
The stirring cylinder rotates at the speed of 5~10r/min, the concrete or mixing material hopper enters the mixing drum from the guide cylinder, and then flows to the bottom part of the mixing drum under the guidance of the helical blade.
2, Stirring
To concrete mixed material added into the mixing drum of concrete mixer truck, the cylinder stirring at 8~12r/min before discharging. Mixing material is turned down and pushed under the rotating wall and blade.

3, Agitation.
For the ready mixed concrete added into the stirred tank of mobile concrete mixer truck, the stirring drum should be rotated at the low speed of 1~3r/min at the direction of mixing in transportation. At this time, the concrete is subjected to slight disturbance to keep the concrete homogeneity.
4, Discharging.
When the stirring cylinder rotates at the speed of 5~12r/min at discharging direction, the concrete moves to the cylinder port under the pushing action of the screw's spiral movement, and finally flows out of the cylinder mouth, and is discharged through fixed and movable discharge chute.

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