The Development of Mobile Portable Concrete Batching Plants

In recent years, architecture has become the main site of social development, all industries are inextricably linked with architecture. Concrete, as the cornerstone of construction, plays an important role in it. As a professional mobile portable concrete batching plant equipment manufacturers, Haomei also took advantage of this spring wind and waves, and won sales orders in multiple regions, becoming the main force in the industry, leading the industry's progress and development.

mobile portable concrete batching plant

In general, a mobile portable concrete batching plant is a combined plant used to mix concrete concentrate. The mobile concrete batching plant can be divided into compulsory concrete mixing plants and self-dropping batching plants according to the mixing method. The models of mobile concrete batching plant is based on the customer's needs. The equipment developed by Haomei has the advantages of high degree of mechanical automation and high production efficiency, and the quality of concrete produced has been recognized by many users. It is often used in large-scale water conservancy projects, construction projects, and long-term construction sites. , bridges and other engineering construction.

The mobile portable concrete batching plant is compact in structure, the aggregated charging, weighed, lifted and agitated are united, it is quick and easy to move, saves time and labor and increases the concrete productivity. The equipment is equipped with a rear axle, and the whole plant can be quickly transferred under the traction of a tractor. With convenient transfer, quick installation and commissioning, the portable concrete batch plant does not require concrete foundation.

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