Advantaged of mobile ready mix concrete plant

The mobile ready mix concrete plant is an integrated batching plant, the entire operating unit is installed in a hauling unit. This type of mobile concrete mixing plant has the advantages of compact structure, easy handling and direct access to the construction site, thus reducing the concrete conveying distance and improve the economic performance. For some small and medium-sized projects or maintenance projects with inconvenient transportation and crowded sites, it is suitable for selecting mobile ready mix concrete plants.

mobile ready mix concrete plant

The model of Haomei YHZS mobile concrete batching plant are YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS60 and YHZS75, which productivity is 25-75m3/h. Haomei YHZS mobile concrete mixing plant equipment has excellent performance, and the equipment performance mainly considers the advanced degree, reliability, excellentness and versatility of the equipment. The mobile concrete mixing plant equipment should have the characteristics of advanced working principle, high degree of automation, strong management function and good environmental performance. The mobile ready mix concrete plant equipment should be well equipped, reliable in control, strong in applicability and good in maintainability. Also consider the high measurement accuracy, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, large amount of standard parts and good interchangeability. The process of mobile ready mix concrete plant production process should be more scientific, such as feeding, batching, mixing and other links must be installed cloth bag dustproof device, etc., to achieve efficient dust removal, to reduce noise and dust emission requirements.

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