Hot Sale Modular Concrete Mixing Plant For Sale

The modular concrete mixing plant adopts modular structure design, which makes installation and demolition more convenient, safe, comfortable and reliable. The modular concrete batching plant has good mixing effect and high production efficiency. The control system adopts PLC logic program automatic control plus man-machine control, and time tracking and manage, safe and reliable, and easier to maintain.
modular concrete mixing plant
HZS60 is one of the most welcomed models of hot sale modular concrete mixing plant for sale, the configuration list of HZS60 concrete mixing plant is:
1, one set of JS1000 concrete mixer with electric oil pump, hopper feeding, discharge height 4.1 meters, pneumatic or hydraulic opening, operation and maintenance platform, ladder, separate metering integrated skeleton, including single machine feeding nozzle.
2, PLD1600 concrete batching machine with four warehouses one-piece type, silo set computer automatic batching control, bin lower suspension sensor separate weighing bucket, fast and accurate.
3, one set of JS1000 supporting belt feeding machine with electric drum, standard waiting silo with a full set of pneumatic devices.
4, The outside close structure of the concrete mixer and the weighing, contain 1 set of fast and high-quality dust collection.
5, the outside close structure of belt conveyor with high-quality color steel and installation racks,
6, 4 LSY273 (8 m) screw conveyor,
7, 4 set of cement silos 100 Tons with ladder, guardrail and arch.
8, Weighing scale of (water, cement, additive, fly ash, each.)
9, one set of microcomputer automatic control in modular concrete mixing plant with strong and weak electric cabinet, computer host, display, cable, camera, printing, electric bell, etc.
10, 1 set of computer control room with legs 1 meter high, lighting facilities and air conditioning.

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