Movable concrete batching plant

As a small concrete mixing plant, the movable concrete batching plant has the advantages light weight, convenient transportation, less installation infrastructure and low decomposition cost. The models of mobile concrete batching plant are less than the stationary concrete batching plant, such as YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50 and YHZS60.

movable concrete batching plant

Due to the mobile concrete batching plant required to be impact and simple structure, therefore, mobile concrete batching plant equipment typically adopt two-stage accumulate measurements. Silos are a big burden for mobile batching plants. Reducing silo capacity is a necessary means of reducing the weight and volume of equipment. However, sometimes when the silo volume is reduced, there may be a supply interruption, so it is necessary to consider a material supply device with good fluidity, such as a loader. Mobile concrete batching plant equipment can be used for trailers in one unit or module. In order to reduce the installation cost, a simple foundation is to be prepared. The cement silo and the concrete mixer are installed on the vehicle chassis. When installing, the chassis can be turned up and the cement silo is vertical.

Regarding the price of movable concrete batching plants, even the same model of batching plant equipment can only be a price range because of different customer requirements. We usually calculate the exact price of the mobile batching plant equipment after fully understanding the actual needs of the users.

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