The characteristics of portable batching plant for sale

The automatic control system of the portable batching plant for sale is formed with the industrial control computer, operation station and the PLC field control station. The fully automatic portable mobile batching plant can be regard as the most advanced technology in the concrete mixing machine industry. What are the characteristics of the automatic control system in a portable concrete batching plant?
portable batching plant for sale
1. The industrial computer adopts a workflow-oriented design method to graphically express the feeding system and mixing process of the entire portable concrete batching plant, which is convenient for monitoring during the working process.
2. The industrial computer of portable batching plant has a good man-machine communication mode and an intuitive and convenient user interface to chieve a high degree of intelligence throughout the production process.
3. The industrial computer control software program also has the characteristics as cross-product platform, support for multiple data, provide open basic data interface; system stability, accurate and reliable control, production data through backup, enhance data security.
4. In order to adapt to the harsh environment such as vibration, dust and strong electromagnetic interference during the working process of portable batching plant for sale, the industrial computer is specially designed for the above environmental characteristics, such as fully tempered industrial chassis, highly reliable industrial power supply, modular design. The double fan is convectively ventilated by a positive pressure and filtered through a filter. The above measures improve the performance of the industrial computer, making the industrial computer have the characteristics of dustproof, shockproof, anti-electromagnetic interference and easy to expand.

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