Reduce the dust pollution of portable batching plant

The raw material of the portable batching plant has some sand and stone, so it will also produce dust pollution. These are the effects of portable concrete batching plants on environmental protection during the period of work. It is also a matter that the concrete mixing plants needs to be treated in time. Thus, we recommend some method for the dust pollution control. Which can helps the concrete batching plant to reduce the pollution to environment.

portable batching plant

Control the dust of mobile concrete batching plant. Wet operation is an economical and effective measure to prevent dust from flying. All the work that can be used in the wet production can be used, in the background material field and the slanting belt, wet production can be used to control the dust effectively. The road surface, production area and material stacking area of portable batching plant should be hardened. Green belts should be set up in bare areas around walls, living areas and office areas. The portable concrete batching plant should be equipped with special cleaning personnel to keep the roads and sites clean. There is no obvious environmental pollution when the concrete mixer trucks are running, The vehicle cleaning personnel should be equipped at the entrance and exit, and the transport vehicles from the concrete batching plant should be washed and cleaned. After the concrete mixer truck is loaded or discharged from the construction site, the vehicle should be rinsed to keep the appearance neat and clean.

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