The mixing system of portable concrete batch plant for sale

The portable concrete batch plant are favoured by construction enterprises for easy installation and assembly, the mixing system is the core part of the whole portable concrete batch plant for sale, and its working performance directly affects the production efficiency and quality of concrete, so correct and regular maintenance is extremely important.
portable concrete batch plant for sale
1. The mixing shaft and mixing blade should be cleaned in each working class, and the bonding material in the mixing tank should be thoroughly washed to prevent the material from being tied to the shaft.
2. The gap between the mixing blade and the lining plate should be kept within 5 mm and be adjusted frequently (while the blade rotated to the highest position) to prolong the service life of the mixing blade and the lining plate.
3. The mixing gearbox of the concrete mixing machine should pay attention to refueling and oil change. When the portable concrete batch plant is stopped, the oil level should be in the neutral position. The grade of gear oil is mainly on the nameplate of the reducer. The new machine should change oil after 200 hours of operation, and then replace it after every 1500 hours.
4. Also check frequently if the gear unit is running smoothly, if there is abnormal noise. The blocking of the refueling/venting port will result in oil leakage in the gearbox.
5. The shaft end seal of the concrete mixer shall be refueled at the start or at regular intervals to ensure the long-term normal operation of the oil seal structure.
6. The main belt of the portable concrete batch plant for sale should be inspected. The belt should be free from cracks, and be tensioned and not slack.

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