The Characteristics of Portable Concrete Batch Plant

We have know that concrete batching plant is the equipment for mixing concrete, in recent year, portable concrete batch plant has become the common seen type in construction site. Many friends may ask, what is the portable concrete batch plant? What are the characteristics of mobile concrete batching plant? What is the difference with stationary concrete batching plant? Wanna to know the answer? Let me tell you the answer one by one.

portable concrete batch plant
The traditional concrete plant equipment consist of aggregate storage, weighing system, transportation, mixing, discharge and automatic control system. While mobile concrete batching plant is towed by truck for mobile work, it do not need the basic construction of stationary type, so the time from installation and put into use is shorter. This is the biggest difference between stationary concrete batching plant and mobile concrete batching plant. Portable concrete batch plant must be the essential machine in pavement, bridge, port, airport and other construction projects. The mobile concrete batch plant has tractor type and trailer type, the tractor type chassis has impact front and rear bridge, while the trailer chassis only has after bridge, the front part is mounted on the tractor. When transfer in project sites, besides the screw conveyor and transitions, cement silo, the front part of the whole plant can move without removing, the detachable parts can be taken with the plant, so the mobile type is more suitable for some close sites. Generally, if the construction project need large amount of concrete, we suggest you to choose the stationary concrete batching plant to ensure the the project progress. Portable concrete batch plant is more suitable for small and middle size project for it is convenient for transfer.

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