Portable Concrete Pump with Boom

Portable concrete pump with boom have great economic value in water conservancy projects, for concrete mixing and pumping equipment saves a lot of money.  Concrete pump truck is also called as mobile concrete pump or boom concrete pump. The use of the concrete pump truck is 4-6 times higher than that of the conventional fixed concrete mixer, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

portable concrete pump

For hydraulic engineering, the concrete pump truck is easy to move and has strong maneuverability, which is very suitable for moving back and forth on the construction site. For other hydraulic engineering equipment, the price of the concrete pump truck is relatively low, and saving a lot of manpower, which will save labour cost at the same time. The mobile concrete pump truck are popular with people and the cost recovery time is short, so the demand for concrete pump trucks in the construction industry is increasing.

Whenever we buy a machine, the most important thing is that the quality is the service life of the equipment, especially the portable concrete pump truck, which belongs to large special machinery equipment and is relatively expensive. The use and workload of the equipment will play a decisive role in the life of the concrete pump before it is officially shipped. The most important thing is to use the boom of the concrete pump truck. In the process of using the portable concrete pump truck, we only operate according to the specified method of use. Our own experience is sometimes the cause of pump failures. Experience cannot replace existing procedures.

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