Good performance precast concrete plant for sale

The precast concrete plant for sale has good performance on mixing quality and efficiency, it also has low cost and highly automation. Modernization has been developed to this day, and the implementation of various types of construction projects has a great demand for concrete. For this reason, precast concrete plant equipment for prefabricated concrete has also made great progress in this situation.

precast concrete plant for sale

In recent years, in production capacity, operability and environmental protection aspects of the precast concrete batching plant, the improvements have been made. Towards a more intelligent and larger-scale development, especially in the more popular concrete mixing stations in recent years, the production efficiency is much higher than that of the same type of concrete batching plant equipment. The working process of the concrete plant equipment mainly includes material storage, metering, transportation and mixing. These parts are controlled by a complete set of automatic control system, which is carried out in advance through the operation interface of the control computer program settings, including concrete proportioning, concrete estimation, slump, production volume, etc.

During the whole production process, the sand and stone aggregates fall into the weighing hopper from the batching machine. When the metering standard is reached, the material port is automatically closed, and then the measured aggregate is transported to the concrete mixer via the belt conveyor. At the same time, cement, fly ash and other powders are transported to the powder metering hopper through a screw conveyor and then into the concrete mixer. As for the water and the admixture, there is also conveying system. The entire feeding and conveying process of precast concrete plant for sale is automatically executed by the program set by the computer, and the time required for each action is also set. After all the materials are metered, the concrete mixer start mixing and stirring. After the mixing is completed, the precast concrete material is introduced into the concrete mixer truck below the material by the discharge port to complete the whole mixing process.

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