Ready mix concrete batching plant with advanced technology

Develop technology to achieve progress is the trend in the future, the development of ready mix concrete batching plant will increase the efficiency and more environmental protection. Impact structure, high mixing quality, energy saving and more accurate production helps the concrete machinery industry gain more attention. Today we talk about the quality status of the ready mix concrete batching plant driven by advanced technology.
ready mix concrete batching plant
1. The requirements of large-scale and long-term continuous operation of the project, the double-concrete mixer ready mix concrete plant has become an independently developed product. The equipment adopts two concrete mixer synchronous control system and computer management system, and has now occupied more and more on the market of commercial concrete mixing plants.
2. The concrete mixing machine has been used, screened and shaped for nearly 20 years. The twin-shaft forced concrete mixer, the vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer and the cone-type reverse discharge concrete mixer have become the key equipment for ready mix concrete plants. Stirring for 25-35s, the requirement for concrete homogeneity can be achieved by the concrete mixers.
3. At present, realizing zero discharge of dust, sewage and residual concrete treatment is available, and ensure the supply of concrete with advanced management level.
4. The ready mix concrete batching plant has strong overload capacity and can be overloaded after 5s of shutdown. When it is matched with cement and aggregate, the energy saving effect is outstanding, which can meet the special requirements of long-term and large project production.
5. The concrete mixing plant equipment has been able to stir the high performance concrete with the label of c30-c120. The measurement accuracy of different types of additives can meet the standard requirements.
6. The lubrication and sealing performance of the batching plant equipment is good, and the service life of the mixer blades and linings can reach 60,000-100,000 m3 or more.

At present, the demand for ready mix concrete batching plant equipment has increased year by year. The concrete double-machine station and the double-shaft forced mixer have been introduced, which has greatly promoted the concrete mixing station to go to the ranks of scientific and convenient engineering equipment, it brings convenience for continuous work of large projects. The quality status of concrete mixing plant driven by advanced technology is advanced, intelligent, less investment and more profit!

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