The control system of rmc concrete plant equipment

The equipment control system of rmc concrete plant is mostly two-machine control system, with complete functions and simple operation, which can ensure the high production efficiency of the mixing equipment. The following is a detailed analysis of the control system of the commercial concrete mixing plant equipment.
rmc concrete plant
The control system of commercial ready mix concrete plant is roughly divided into two major modules according to the control content, namely production control and production management. The production control system is divided into monitoring function and production system operation control function. Production management system is divided into production plan input, production task selection, production process data monitoring, and production report. Its specific characteristics are as follows:
1. The two-machine control system equipped on the rmc plant equipment has two kinds of control modes: automatic and manual. It can be switched freely, and the system has high degree of automation. It can automatically complete the weighing, batching and mixing process of concrete materials with the concrete mixing machine.
2. The control system electric box has the function of preventing water addition twice, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of re-adding water when the forced concrete mixer is lifted again, thereby avoiding the loss.
3, the key parts of the electric box need to use first-class brand components, the lifting bucket motor due to heavy load, frequent work, and is one of the core of the concrete plant (if it is damaged, the whole concrete mixing station can not run), therefore, it is recommended special protection switch can effectively ensure the reliable operation of the lift bucket motor.
4. The control system electric box adopts aluminum alloy etching panel, which makes the operation clear and beautiful.
5, the rmc concrete plant instrument needs to use high-precision brand-name devices, which has high weighing accuracy, and the formula input, instrument calibration are more convenient. According to the characteristics of the on-site ready mix concrete plant, combined with control electric box assembly experience, the instrument's control loop has been specially treated to ensure the reliable operation.

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