High efficiency sicoma batching plant

The capacity of sicoma batching plant is 25-240 cubic meters per hour, the high mixing efficiency is mainly attributed to its excellent mixing host - sicoma concrete mixer. The configuration of the Sicoma concrete batching plant includes a twin-shaft forced sicoma mixer, a concrete batching machine, cement silos, a screw conveyor, a weighing system, control system and a central control room.

sicoma batching plant

According to the market trend, the concrete mixing machine in concrete batching plant is twin shaft concrete mixer, which JS concrete mixer and SICOMA concrete mixer are both adopt. Among them, the sicoma batching plant is famous as the high mixing quality and efficiency. The mixing drum of sicoma concrete mixer is equipped with five kinds of lining plates, which are fastened with the countersunk screws and the cylinder, the arc part is welded. There are multiple shaft end seal protection devices and wind pressure seal protection devices to effectively prevent the occurrence of slurry leakage. The concrete batching plant with sicoma concrete mixer as the concrete mixing machine has high production efficiency, short mixing time and long service life. The sicoma concrete mixer has advantages of high automation, good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient operation, fast discharging speed, long service life of the lining plate and the blade, convenient maintenance and the like.

The sicoma batching plant has high mixing quality, the sicoma concrete mixer can effectively destroy the initial hydrate film wrap on the surface of the cement particles, promote the combination of cement particles and other material particles, and form an ideal hydration product; Due to the dust and clay hinder the formation of interfacial bonding layer, the sicoma concrete mixer has multiple collisions and mutual friction between the particles to reduce the influence of dust film. The twin-shaft concrete mixer improves the participation of each unit of the mixture, the number of crossings and the crossover frequency of the motion trajectory to accelerate homogenization.

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