Sicoma Concrete Mixer For Sale

Sicoma concrete mixer for sale is one famous brand on the market thanks to the good mixing performance. Nowadays, the quality represented factors of a set of concrete mixer are wear parts, the shaft end seals, reducer, the butter machine and the various tracheal tubing. Due to the limitations of production conditions environment, more attention need to be paid on these issues, especially on the shaft end seals.
sicoma concrete mixer for sale
In the design of the twin-shaft concrete mixer, the shaft end seal is one of the important considerations. The shaft end seal is located on the agitator shaft of the sicoma concrete mixer between the agitating blade and the support bearing. Besides of the bearing assembly, the remaining parts belong to the shaft end seal. The function is to prevent the mud from being squeezed out of the casing by the fixed gap during operation, which is commonly referred to as shaft end leakage. Since the mud contains solid particles such as sand, once it is squeezed from the casing to the fixed gap, the solid particles will cause grinding in the fixed moving element and wear the fixed element. If the mud blocks the lubricating oil port, the mud partially hardens in the fixed moving gap, the wear will be accelerated, and the damage to the fixed moving element will also be accelerated and the shaft end leakage. If the mud breaks through the support bearing assembly seal, it enters and destroys the bearing, which will cause the whole concrete mixer to not work properly. Thus, the shaft end seal details should be considered when purchase sicoma concrete mixer for sale.

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