Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer price

The sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer price is a little higher than ordinary concrete mixers, that is because of the better mixing quality and efficiency. The spare part that are easy to wear is more strong and durable, which makes the mixing process more stable and uniform. Compared with other concrete mixers type, the sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer have reasonable mixing process and can guarantee the mixing quality.

sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer price

The mixing process of the twin shaft concrete mixer not only occurs in the radial direction but also in the axial direction. The main mixing zone is located in the circumferential direction of the mixer body, and the energy value in this direction is maximized during the entire mixing process, so that the mixing space can be fully utilized, so that the aggregate, the cement and the water can be mixed uniformly by the mixing blade at low peripheral speed and achieved the best mixing effect in the shortest time. Since the concrete is basically piled up near the discharge door when the twin shaft concrete mixer complete the mixing work, so the discharge work takes short time. The discharge door controlled by the electrical device can be adjusted in opening degree, and the discharge door will not be caught when it is closed. During the unloading process, the blades rotate at low speed, which is beneficial to remove the concrete remaining in the mixing drum, which can effectively avoid the parabolic phenomenon when the concrete mixer is unloaded.

Take all the advantages into consider, the sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer price is not higher in these configurations, the price matched the quality most, in the later use, sicoma concrete mixer will save a lot of cost of maintenance and spare parts, in other words, the entire cost wont be higher than ordinary concrete mixers.

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