Working principle of sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer for sale

The twin-shaft forced concrete mixer is composed of a feeding device, a stirring device, a water supply device, a discharging device, an oil supply device and an electric control system. When people are going to purchase concrete mixers, we recommend sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer for sale to him for this type of concrete mixer has high mixing efficiency for its reasonable working principle.

sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer for sale

1.Mixing system
The mixing system is composed of electric motor, belt conveyor, gearbox, open gear, stirring tank, stirring device, lubricating device and so on. The motor drives the two-stage gearbox and the reducer through the pulley. The two output shafts pass through the two pairs of open gears, respectively driving the stirring shafts of the two horizontal devices to rotate in opposite directions to achieve uniform stirring.
2.Loading system
The loading system of the sicoma concrete mixer consists of captive mechanism, loading rail and hopper. The brake motor of the winch drives the reel to rotate through the reducer. The wire rope passes through the pulley traction bucket and climbs up along the loading rack rail. When climbing to a certain height, a pair of rollers on the discharge door enter the horizontal rack of the loading rack, and the bucket door opens automatically, the material is automatically opened and put into the mixing tank through the feeding funnel. In order to ensure the accurate positioning of the hopper, a limit switch is installed on the loading rail to raise the limit and safety protection of the hopper.
3.Water supply system
The water supply system consists of water pump, motor, cleaning device and water spray device. Water can be injected into the mixing tank by starting the pump. The two valves can regulate the flow of water. The total amount of water supply is controlled by the time relay. When the button is rotated to the “time control” position, the pump will run at the set time and automatically stop. When the button is turned to the “manual” position, the water supply can be continuously supplied.
4.Unloading system
The unloading mechanism of sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer for sale can be divided into three types: manual operation unloading, electric unloading and hydraulic unloading. In order to ensure the opening and closing position of the discharge door, a positioning device is provided, and the sealing of the discharge door can be ensured by adjusting the position of the sealing plate.
5.Electrical System
The electric control circuit is provided with an automatic switch and an AC contactor, and has the functions of short circuit protection, overload protection and phase failure protection. The control button is arranged on the door of the ingredient box, and is provided with a door lock, and a protective cover is arranged outside the button.

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