Skid mounted ready mix concrete batching plant

Skid mounted ready mix concrete batching plant has the features of low cost and small cover area. There are two kinds of feeding methods in the ready mix concrete plant, one is the skid hopper and the other is the belt conveyor. In most cases, small ready mix concrete batching plants are used to produce small-scale concrete production. The common models of ready mixed concrete batching plant uses the skid lifting hopper to load are: HZS25, HZS35, HZS50 and HZS60 concrete batching plant.

skid mounted ready mix concrete batching plant

How does the skid hopper ready mix concrete plant work? An emergency stop button with a key is mounted on the upper and lower parts of the lift bucket. Pressing the switch does not work without a key. Rope loose switch has safety protection. Lifting bucket top protection switch is also a key safety protection device, should be used in series with two top switches, one side of the track can also protect the elevator when it is tilted. The thermal mixer protection switch is also indispensable, especially in the field, the motor can be better protected during the hot season.

The benefits of the skid mounted ready mix concrete batching plant are:
The bucket type lifting ready mix concrete batching plant has a small footprint, flexible installation and convenient movement. The small bucket type lifting concrete mixing plant has small motor power, light load and short track, and the production efficiency is not high. Generally, the lifting motor is directly started, and the limit switch is used to control the lifting and stopping.

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