Skip hoist type concrete batching plant price

For the construction or upgrading of rural roads, small construction projects, the use of skip hoist type concrete batching plant is an excellent choice. By build a skip type concrete batching plant, it can reduce initial investment costs and achieve rapid commissioning and return of funds. Many manufacturers do not know how to configure the concrete batching plant according to the actual production needs. In fact, a simple skip concrete mixing plant only needs to meet the two standards to ensure the quality of the concrete produced.

skip hoist type concrete batching plant
1, Mixing function
The core function is to fully mix water, cement, sand and gravel aggregates. The uniformity of the mixing is directly related to the quality of the final concrete. There must be no defects, and a forced concrete mixer must be used.
2, Batching function
The core function is to weigh sand and gravel aggregates, cement, water and additives according to the formula. Problems in this part of the function may waste raw materials, and debugging must be done before operation to ensure its accuracy.
Where the skip hoist type concrete batching plant can be simplified?
1, Unloading height
Generally, the height of the outrigger of the concrete batching plant is 4.2m. The main consideration is to use a tanker to receive the material. If small four-wheeled vehicles, tractors and other small vehicles are used to receive the material, the height of the outrigger and the length of the hopper slide can be reduced. There have been a lot of cost reductions, one is the reduction in machine costs, and the other is the reduction in foundation requirements.
2, Feeding method
The traditional concrete batching plant is used to feed sand and gravel aggregates, and the cement is separately put in. The aggregate is lifted to the top of the mixer by a belt or hopper, and the cement is conveyed to the top of the mixer through a screw. In this way, the cement silo requires relatively high Legs, for skip hoist type concrete batching plant, can directly transport powders such as cement and fly ash to the lifting hopper of the mixer or the conveyor belt of the batching machine. In this way, the legs of the cement silo can be lowered and transported horizontally and the distance is also It can be very short and saves the floor space. The cement silo has low legs, so the foundation requirements are very low, and the input cost is greatly reduced.

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