Several advantages of small batching plant

With the vigorous development of rural towns and villages, small batching plants 25-50m3/h have become the preferred choice for many people. As the first choice for small-scale construction project, the small concrete batching plant has outstanding features, such as small investment and fast returns. Considered the comprehensive factors, many of our customers ask for the quotation of mini concrete batching plant.

small batching plant

In general, The mini batching plant has the following advantages:
1. The small concrete mixing plant uses the electronic scale measurement in concrete batching machine and cement, water weighing, the batching precision is more efficient and precise, and the quality of the concrete is also very well guaranteed.
2. The mini batching plant uses the JS500, JS750, JS1000 twin-shaft forced concrete mixer. The quality of the concrete is better and the power is more efficient.
3. The small concrete batching plant adopts the combined structure and modular unit. It is convenient in terms of equipment installation and relocation, and is convenient for transportation. I addition, the site area requirement of mini batching plant is small and the site cost is low.
4. The outstanding advantage of the small batching plant is the price advantage. Because its specification is relatively small, it will naturally have more advantages in equipment price than those of large and medium-sized concrete mixing plant equipment with large specifications. This price advantage is outstanding. It is very attractive to companies or individuals who want to do engineering but don't have the money to buy equipment.

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