Haomei small concrete batch plant for sale

When refers to the concrete batching plant market, we Haomei Machinery have a lot of words to say, for we have been engaged on the construction equipment for more than 25 years, we sell small concrete batch plant for sale well. For the decades of experience, we find that in the concrete batching plant modes, HZS50 concrete batching plant are welcomed by many customers all over the world. Through analysis, we notice the HZS50 batching plant has medium capacity, low pollution, high efficiency, low cost and better ROI(Return on investment). Therefore, we are going to introduce more information about Haomei HZS50 concrete batching plant.

small concrete batch plant for sale

The theoretical productivity of the HZS50 concrete batching plant is 50m3/h, but the actual productivity is related to the actual operating conditions and vehicle deployment. In this condition, the actual production capacity of the HZS50 concrete batching plant will probably be between 35 and 45m3/h, but it is still high in small concrete batch plant for sale. The equipment includes the following equipment: JS1000 Concrete Mixer, PLD1600 batching machine, generally two 100 ton cement silos(this depends on the specific needs), the screw conveyor suitable with the optional cement silo, the control room( you can buy a semi-automatic, is a header, an industrial control station, this is more cost-effective, in fact, it is also automatic material), the other is dust collection, insulation and other parts. You don't have to worry about the specific work and debugging, the manufacturer is responsible for the construction, the debugging and training. There are also instructions for the use of products, as well as foundation drawings. After knowing these details, you must have a overall understanding about HZS50 concrete batching plant, if you have interest in it, please contact us immediately!

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