The cost of small concrete batch plant has difference

Small concrete batch plants have been recognized by customers because of stable production and high efficiency. Recently, many customers have inquired about the price of small concrete batching plants, in fact, the cost have big difference. The cost of mini concrete batching plant is relatively lower than that of commercial concrete batch plant, but with the different configuration, the cost is different.

small concrete batch plant 
The different concrete batch plants have different site areas, and the land rent, consumer price and labor compensation are different in different regions. We must conduct a comprehensive analysis based on local conditions. The price for small concrete batching plants is based on the type and configuration. The small concrete batch plants are generally HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60 and HZS75 concrete batching plants. Different models of concrete mixing plants have different equipment for cement silos, concrete mixers, batching machines, screw conveyors, concrete pumps and metering systems.
In addition, not only to buy small concrete batch plant equipment need to invest a certain amount of funds, the site construction, human resources, raw material reserves, to maintain the normal operation of the concrete batching plant need sufficient funds. Therefore, the budget work before the concrete batching plant is established is indispensable.

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