Industry small concrete batching plant for sale

Haomei industry small concrete batching plant for sale has advantages of low price, high mixing quality, small floor space and the convenient transition. The small concrete batching plant can be freely configured according to customer needs and has great flexibility. Small concrete mixing plant equipment is cost-effective and worthy of customer choice. With the mixing capacity of 25-60 m3/h, the mini concrete batching plant can achieve intelligent unloading, no manual intervention, high-efficiency mixing, full-speed unloading, low input quality, suitable for rural market and small projects.

small concrete batching plant for sale

There are more advantages of Haomei small concrete batch plant for sale:
1. Introduced advanced twin shaft forced concrete mixer technology with strong stirring performance;
2. Specially customized sensors and pneumatic components according to industry needs, accurate and reliable;
3. Admixture metering scale pneumatic conveying device completely eradicate the quality accident caused by the failure of admixture system;
4. The cement, water and liquid admixture ingredients are all measured by electronic scales, and the precision of the ingredients is high;
5. The water supply system uses the siphon pump pressure principle to speed up the water flow and spray evenly.
6. The control system is equipped with a touch screen, two sets of operating systems, semi automatic and fully automatic, and three working modes to ensure reliable operation of the small concrete batching plant for sale.

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