Small Concrete Mixer Trucks Become The New Market Favor

A concrete batching plant is the essential equipment for processing concrete, and a concrete mixer truck must be the essential device to transfer concrete. As we all know, if the concrete do not mixing, it will be solid very soon, so keep mixing before it is used in the construction site is one of the effect of a concrete mixer truck, while, the other effect is transfer the concrete from batching plant to project site. In recently years, we find that small concrete mixer truck is welcomed by customers, small concrete mixer trucks mainly stands for the mixing capacity under 8m3, let’s talk about the reasons why small concrete mixer truck is so popular.

small concrete mixer trucks

HM6-D concrete mixer truck and HM8-D concrete mixer truck are the small concrete mixer trucks supplied by our company, with years manufacturing and sales, we find there are three main reason why so many clients choose small capacity concrete mixer trucks. The first must be the price, the cost of purchasing a concrete mixer truck in small capacity is lower than that of large capacity, if the capacity is suitable for your project and batching plant, a small concrete mixer truck is a good choice. The second is small concrete mixer trucks have the characteristics of narrow body, short wheelbase, small turning radius, personalized design and so on, which has a strong advantage for the height, width and length limited working environment. The last one is small concrete mixer truck is can be used in mines, tunnels, township, village, town roads, water conservancy projects, large projects, small projects, short period.

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