How to reduce the wear of small concrete mixer

During the use of small concrete mixer, the wear is unavoidable. Wear will affect the production efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, the most important point in the production process is to reduce the wear of the concrete mixer as much as possible. How to reduce the wear of the concrete mixer and increase the production effectiveness?

small concrete mixer

The first is the lubrication of small concrete mixer. There are many places where lubrication is needed. The method and amount of lubricants are different. Sometimes new lubricants need to be replaced, and add lubricant regularly. The user must understand lubrication technology to ensure the normal work of concrete mixers. The second is often inspect the mixing blades, possible causes of concrete mixer surface wear are micro-shock, sliding, impact, scratches, rust, etc., which requires the users to pay attention while operation, avoid collisions and keep the surface clean, the rust must be treated timely after founded, the mixing drum is also often worn, which requires the user to clean the mixing drum as soon as the work is completed to prevent the concrete from freezing.

The parts of the small concrete mixer that are relatively easy to wear are vibrating screens, stirring blades, surfaces, and mixing drums. The key to the abrasion of the vibrating screen is vibration bearings. The user must select high-quality bearings. The lubrication device must be reasonable. The user must always lubricate the bearings. Because the mixing blade needs to stir the concrete, the general wear and tear is serious, which requires the user to pay attention to avoid large pieces of hard objects or steel wire and other objects in the mixing drum when adding materials.

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