High efficiency small concrete plant

Haomei offer high efficiency small concrete plant with productivity of 25-60m3/h, so the cost to buy mini concrete plant is low on the market. For small and medium-sized concrete batching plants, the main configuration of the production line is composed of mixing system, material supply system, metering system, transportation system, power system and operation control system. The concrete batching plant using microcomputer control, electronic weighing, dynamic screen display, with ratio storage, automatic fall compensation, automatic printing and other functions, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation, high production efficiency and strong work reliability.

small concrete plant
Advantages of Haomei HZS series small concrete plant are:
1. Accurate measurement and high efficiency
Aggregate ingredients are measured accurately, and production efficiency is high; powder, water, and additives are all measured with electronic scales, and the accuracy of ingredients is high.
2. Good mixing quality
The small concrete batching plant for sale adopts a double-horizontal-shaft forced concrete mixer, with good mixing quality and high efficiency.
3. Combined structure, easy to install
The small-scale concrete mixing plant adopts combined structure and modular unit, which is convenient for installation and relocation.
4. Siphon water pump, spray evenly
The water supply system uses the principle of siphon pump pressure to speed up the water flow rate and spray evenly.
5. Imported components, advanced performance
The electric control system of small concrete plant adopts imported components and has reliable performance, and can be controlled manually and automatically, which is convenient to operate. Comprehensive consideration of concrete process requirements, with functions such as ratio storage, automatic compensation for fall, under-scale, over-scale alarm correction, and data cloud storage.

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