Smallest concrete batching plant - HZS25

The smallest concrete batching plant models is HZS25, which has the mixing capacity of 25m3/h and the cost is affordable. The construction of the project requires a lot of concrete, many people want to know the difference to decide which type of concrete batching plant to invest in. Although the production capacity of the small concrete batching plant is not as high as that of the large concrete batching plant, it also has outstanding advantages, such as the requirements for the site are not high, and the degree of freedom of configuration is high.

smallest concrete batching plant

The HZS25 concrete batching plant can produce 25 cubic meters of concrete per hour theoretically. In fact, due to the supply of raw materials and the proficiency of workers' operation, HZS25 small concrete batching plant can produce concrete at around 15 cubic meters per hour. If and the production time is 8 hours per day, according to the calculation of 300 days a year, HZS25 concrete batching plant can produce about 36,000 cubic meters of concrete a year. You can calculate the market value of these concrete according to the price of local commercial concrete, and then reduce the cost, the answer is profit.

The configuration of the smallest concrete batching plant HZS25 are:
JS500 concrete mixer with hopper feeding, discharge height 3.8 meters, pneumatic opening, including host operating platform, single machine feeding nozzle, ladder, cylinder, air pump.
PLD800 concrete batching machine with standard computer bucket weighing.
2 LSY219 (8 m) screw conveyor.
2 set of 100T cement silo with ladder, guardrail and arch.
Weighing separately (water, cement, additives, fly ash,) one set each with weighing frame.
Microcomputer automatic control with strong and weak electric cabinet, computer host, display, cable, camera, printing, electric bell, etc.
1 set of computer control room with air conditioning, lighting facilities.

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