The feeding method of static concrete mixing plant

For static concrete mixing plant, feeding is an important procedure in the operation of concrete mixers, but the feeding method used by different concrete batching plant is different. In the concrete mixing plant, the skip hopper lifting mechanism and the inclined belt conveyor are common aggregate conveying devices..
static concrete mixing plant
1.Inclined belt conveyor
The inclined belt conveyor has high production efficiency, reliable performance, easy closure, is not susceptible to weather, and has low maintenance costs, but it covers a large area. The belt conveyor is usually used in the stationary concrete mixing plant with high mixing capacity. The devices of the belt conveyor are:
Tensioning device: the conveyor belt has sufficient tension to ensure friction between the conveyor belt and the transmission roller so that the conveyor belt does not slip. At the same time, the influence of the change of the length of the conveyor belt can be adjusted.
The hood: mainly plays the role of dust-proof and rain-proof. If the conveyor belt is wet after rain, it will easily cause the belt to slip.
Overhaul the walkway: easy to overhaul the inclined belt conveyor.
Immediate stop switch: as a safety protection device, it is installed at the head and tail of the belt conveyor. When the belt runs or fails, the belt can be stopped urgently.
Transmission: the slanted belt head drive uses split drive, which is easier to maintain than the direct drive drum.
Hanging roller: makes the belt self-aligning.

2. Skip hopper bucket Lifting mechanism
Bucket type skip hopper is generally used in engineering static concrete mixing plant. It has the characteristics of small size and convenient installation. It is mainly composed of lifting bucket, track, hoist, wire rope, etc. It mainly has two types of tilting and bottom opening. The brake hoist is pulled by the pulley block and the wire rope to achieve the purpose of lifting the hopper.

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