Environmentally friendly stationary concrete batching plant

Environmentally friendly stationary concrete batching plant 25-240m3/h manufactured by Haomei Machinery has won good reputation on the world market. The environmental protection is the develop trend of every industry, the concrete batching plant equipment also needs environmental protection. We know that in the production process of traditional concrete mixing plant, the biggest pollution are dust and noise. If there is a batching plant nearby, we will find the dust and hear the noise generated during the production process of the batching plant and concrete mixer truck.

stationary concrete batching plant

The most obvious feature of the environmentally-friendly concrete batching plant produced by Haomei is that the whole batching plant equipment adopts the outer packaging structure. This fully enclosed measures can greatly reduce the leakage of dust and noise. The environmental protection of the concrete batching plant is not only the outer seal. We also use the color steel tile for the outer seal of belt conveyor, which can reduce the probability of dust being discharged into the atmosphere during aggregate transportation, and then reduce the dust pollution caused by the batching plant during the production process. In addition to the external, we also carried out a series of reforms in the stationary concrete batching plant. The dust collectors of the traditional concrete mixing machine are the mixer cover, the cement metering bin, and the dust exhaust pipe of the fly ash metering bin are all connected to the dust collector, this kind of duct collector has a certain dust removal effect, but the effect is not good. Haomei concrete mixing machine uses a negative pressure dust collector (including dehumidification function), which can alleviate the instantaneous pressure increase during feeding, and at the same time filter the moisture to avoid the bonding of the dust filter. To the cement silos, Haomei environmentally-friendly stationary concrete batching plant uses a conventional tubular dust collector to filter the airflow passing through the precipitator and further filter the atmosphere.

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