Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

Classification of Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant:

1 According to the production capacity of asphalt machine, it can be divided into: small asphalt mixing plant, medium asphalt mixing plant and large asphalt mixing plant.
2 According to the way of transportation, it can be divided into: Mobile, semi-fixed and fixed machine.
3 According to the mixing method, asphalt mixing plant can be divided into: continuous drum type and intermittent strong system.

The Characteristics of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant:

1, The module design make the transportation and installation more convenient;
2, The stirring blade designed by unique, with a very driven mixing cylinder makes the mixing easy, reliable and efficient;
3, Adopting the imported vibration motor, greatly improving the efficiency, but also reduce the failure rate of the equipment;
4, The dust bag is placed above the drum, which will reduce heat loss and save the space and fuel;
5. Adopting the double row upgrading system to enhance the aggregate to increase the service life of the hoisting machine, much more stable
6, Automatic / manual control computer control system, with automatic fault diagnosis procedures, makes the machine simple and safe.

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