How to buy a trailer mounted concrete pump?

Trailer mounted concrete pump in construction machinery industry has development of energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. In today's era of high efficiency and intelligence, automotive concrete pumps must also be efficient and intelligent, so that they will not be eliminated by the times and keep up with the market. At the same time, the trailer concrete pump brings great benefits and value to customers, and it is a concrete pumping equipment that is affordable and can bring you high efficiency. It can save transportation costs and is a low-input, high-output concrete machinery. How to choose a satisfactory concrete pump?

trailer mounted concrete pump

1. Purchase well-known brands of concrete pumps, and the quality of production is guaranteed. After the sales company of the consumer company or the sales office of the consumer company in the local area, it is required to check the certification certificate, test report of the special vehicle strong inspection item, quality system certification certificate, etc. It is good to send people to the concrete pump companies to investigate their consumption, management and quality as the basis for the selected products.

2. Investigate the performance of trailer concrete pump products, the stability and sensitivity of each component. Whether the ability can meet the continuation request, whether the economic indicators such as the fuel consumption rate of the initiator can be reasonable, and whether the remote control operation can be firm and stable. The quality of the trailer mounted concrete pump structure should also be carefully understood. In order to reduce the weight, the steel should be made of high-strength fine-grained carbon steel (tempered steel sheet). The welding process requirement is very strict, otherwise the weld cracking problem will be very serious.

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