How to keep normal work of a transit mixer truck?

As a special vehicle for transporting concrete, the transit mixer truck is easy to see the concrete dripping situation on the mixer tank if the usual cleaning work is not in place. Let's talk about what should be paid attention to during the use of the concrete transit mixer to keep its normal work.
transit mixer truck
1. Take the water reducing agent with the truck
The water reducing agent is a concrete admixture that can reduce the amount of water used for mixing under the condition that the concrete slump is maintained. It can be carried on the vehicle and can adjust the concrete well. However, when adding a water reducing agent, it must be remembered that professional staff is present, otherwise the concrete quality is not strong enough.
2. Check the amount of water in the tank after return to the factory
When each trip is completed and returned to the concrete mixing station, check the amount of water in the concrete mixer truck. It is best to keep the water in the tank at full capacity for emergency use.
3. Check the quality of concrete before leaving the factory
The quality of each concrete may vary depending on the raw materials. When installing concrete to leave the field, it is necessary to check the slump condition of concrete in the tank, and be careful of the early condensation of concrete and the stratified sedimentation of concrete.
4. Reduce vehicle travel time
The concrete transportation distance is generally within the range of 30 kilometers in diameter. Plan the route and vehicle traffic before leaving the vehicle to minimize the time on the road.
5. Reduce the loss
If you encounter human factors or force majeure factors, and you are unable to discharge the material for a long time, you should check the concrete in the transit mixer truck at any time, and once the concrete is found to start to condense. Unload the material immediately after the person in charge is reported to prevent the entire tank from being scrapped.

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