Hot sale twin shaft concrete mixer machine

Hot sale twin shaft concrete mixer machine JS series has the characteristics of high mixing efficiency, low noise and easy maintenance. With the development of technology, the requirements of concrete mixers for infrastructure builders are constantly changing, which makes the technical upgrading of twin shaft concrete mixer faster. JS series twin shaft concrete mixers have high work efficiency and the technical level is greatly improved, the models are JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and JS4000, which volume is 500L-4000L.

twin shaft concrete mixer machine

Twin shaft concrete mixer usually made into large-capacity concrete mixer, which can be used alone or used in a concrete batching plant as the concrete mixing machine .The JS series concrete mixer adopts the form of twin shaft mixing, it mainly consists of two circular trough shaped mixing cylinders placed horizontally, two mixing shafts rotating in opposite directions and a rotating mechanism. Several sets of mixing blades are installed on the root shaft, and a certain space is staggered in front and rear, so that the mixture is stirred in mixing drums uniformly. On the one hand, the mixture at the bottom and the middle of the mixing drum is turned upside down, and on the other hand, the mixture is pushed forward and backward along the axis, so that the mixture is quickly and uniformly stirred. The twin shaft concrete mixer machine has self-falling type and forced mixing type, good mixing effect, good wear resistance and low energy consumption.

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