Professional wet mix batching plant manufacturer

Haomei is a professional wet mix batching plant manufacturer in China, the raw materials of the concrete mixing plant we produce are all made by the well-known steel suppliers. Our customers can be assured of the steel materials we choose. In order to better guarantee the quality of our wet mix concrete batching plant, we pay special attention to the processing details of the batching plant product.

wet mix batching plant

When producing the concrete mixer, the raw materials of the steel plates we selected all meet the requirements of the national standards. The thickness of all the steel plates meets the national requirements, even higher than the national standards. The liners of the concrete mixer barrels are all added thick and high wear-resistant lining plate, which protects the mixing drum from being worn, and further wear-resisting the stirring blade and the stirring shaft inside the concrete mixer to prolong the service life. The belt conveyor of the whole concrete batching plant is also packaged with a color steel plate with good sealing performance, and angle steel, straight seam steel pipe, welding steel, etc. are used for further reinforcement in the necessary reinforcement. This fundamentally guarantees the overall stability of the wet concrete mixing plant equipment.

The wet mix batching plant equipment is made of high-quality H-shaped steel for packaging and processing on the outer packaging. The structure is firm, windproof and rainproof, which can ensure the stability of the batching plant. In order to ensure the quality of our concrete mixing plant, from the details, from the mixing host to the outer packaging are carefully designed, research and development!

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