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HM10-D Concrete Mixer Truck

Cement mixer truck composed of the chassis and upload part. Top part composed of mixing tube sub-frame, and out equipment, control systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, water supply systems a

HM12-D Concrete Mixer Truck

Mobile concrete mixer truck mainly applies to long-distance mixing transport of concrete mixture, effectively delay concrete coagulation, and avoids concrete stratification and eduction,and ensures con

HM9-D Concrete Mixer Truck

Good homogeneity of Concrete mixing and transportation of concrete mixer truck manufacturer, low residual material, reliable hydraulic drive system, and reasonable, reliable performance, convenient ope

HM16-D Concrete Mixer Truck

Concrete Truck Mixer composed of chassis and unloading parts, which can be divided into: undercarriage, hydraulic transmission, stirred tank, discharging systems, cleaning systems, sub-frame, steering

HM8-D Concrete Mixer Truck

Cement mixer truck is mainly used in the long-distance transport of concrete, which can delay the initial setting of concrete, to avoid the occurrence of stratification and segregation of concrete to e

HM6-D Concrete Mixer Truck

HAOMEI serial concrete mixer truck include many models such as 6m3,8m3,9m3,10m3,12m3,14m3,16m3and can choose any special chassis both at home and abroad as supporting part according to customers

HM14-D Concrete Mixer Truck

Mixing tube is the main component of concrete mixer truck, composed of the cylinder, sealed tube, mixed leaves and leaf composition... freehd18videos日本